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Band Together: A Benefit for Ukraine

by V/A

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    Thanks to the wonderful work of designers Vilnis Chakars and Rita MacDonald and the analog expertise of Ryan Chichester, Steve Roche, and National Audio Company, the cassette tape version of the Band Together compilation is now available! The price includes free shipping in the US. (Please get in touch if you'd like to order multiple copies outside of the US.)

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Я никогда не видел эти места, Я никогда не смотрел в их бурые глаза, Я никогда не хотел возвращаться домой, Я никогда не хотел стоять рядом с тобой, Где-то там вдали, Слышится не уходи, Где-то там вдали, Слышится не уходи, Где-то там из далеко, Смотрят на меня глаза, Где-то там на высоте, Среди облаков во тьме
Though they didn't come at once, well they all brought sporting guns And their own police and army came in with them On our roads, their horses trod, but still, they needed to be shod So they hired us to feed and breed and smith them And some of us, on seeing our cousins stung Were all too quick to scrabble up that bottom ladder rung And we learned our lessons wrong behind their hedge And the first mistake was giving them a place to drive the wedge Then they turned their language loose to ennoble the abuse And their papers called a people, now, a "problem" Just the word would give them cause to enforce their penal laws So they could start accusing us of trying to rob them And some of us refused to see they'd planned To kill us all or drive us, year by year, off of the land And in exile, we would wallow in our shame While in all their halls, they sing our songs and steal our heroes' claims and loved ones' names Satellites and TV towers program fealty to the powers They get paid for the charade that they're projecting And when our patience starts to sour; years to months, days to hours In the end, friend, really what were you expecting? And who is it you want to be protecting?
Триває лічення тих обертів, Що зчинять кривду на літа Немає ліків, щоб загоїти Зморілі душі та тіла Бо варта того Радість без болю, велика мета: Не бути собою, а бути всіма Ми чуємо гуркіт, то наші серця Всі, як один, віднайшли забуття У забутті ставало холодно, Та пекло йшло саме до нас Не йде вже лічення тих обертів Та жере лихо й досі нас І нам не знана Радість без болю, нам знана війна Не бути собою — то бути дарма Ми чуємо гуркіт, то гуркіт гармат Всі, як один, зазнали втрат Чи все ще того варта мета? Хто ж ще має віддати життя? Бо там, де був храм, Вій постав
Well I heard you left your situation I left a message, you didn't get back I figured you hooked up with this one or that one Cats always land on their feet, I thought Staring at this beat-up old Tom in Tel Aviv But they're not lucky creatures None of us are lucky creatures, no, no, no Well, I dug all through this dumpster It was just full of empty bottles and I Mewed toward the young girls that feed us I jumped straight up when a scooter swerved toward us And thanked whatever cat-hating god cats pray to That I was still breathing, I'm still breathing 'Cause cats are not lucky creatures We got our dignity, we fought for that Yeah, but there's no money, there's time for that Never worried about my belly, there's rats for that Never worried about the future 'cause I'm a cat We got our dignity, we fought for that Yeah, but there's no money, there's time for that Never worried about my belly, there's rats for that I never worried about the future 'cause I'm a cat I want to tell you about Crisis after crisis But I hate to bore you So I swished my tail About and my snout In indignation And I landed And I landed on my feet We got our dignity, we fought for that Yeah, but there's no money, there's time for that Never worried about my belly, there's rats for that Never worried about the future 'cause I'm a cat We got our dignity, we fought for that Yeah, but there's no money, there's time for that Never worried about my belly, there's rats for that I never worried about the future 'cause I'm a cat
Prepare yourself for a nuclear war Fire and fear are what's in store The power is ours but it's out of our hands An end to this madness is my demand A screaming seizure erupts in the streets Molten concrete under my feet No time to hide when the pain sets in I close my eyes and wonder who'll win Who'll win?! Death Threat (4X)
Что тебе от меня надо? Для чего эта бравада? Я тебя предупреждала: "Расцарапаю ебало!" Говорила: "Буду драться!" В ритме шрамов 220, Почему тебе всё мало? Расцарапаю ебало! В кровь! Ебало в кровь! Расцарапаю ебало! В кровь! Вы все, мрази, - вечно лжёте! Пришел старт моей охоте! Я давно пообещала: "Расцарапаю ебало!» Лопнут вены из-за злости, Обглодаю твои кости! Жутко, страшно заебало! Расцарапаю ебало! В кровь!
Угнаться бы за ветром Не растворившись в гарь дотла Ты берёшь слишком много на себя Лица мозолят глаза Мне бы ближе к ней Тише голоса Тенью застывшей в зените Руки ломая руша себя Пытаешься свести на нет Ты свой пустой печальный взгляд на спад Все что было там Будет стерто ветром Мыслями ближе к небу Но телом смешан с пеплом Со временем раскрылся Воспоминания в себе В себе нашёл её Ослабел Лица мозолят глаза Мне бы ближе к ней Тише голоса Разве будет для чего жить? Построив мир на осколках тебя? Растворился в толпе растворившись в себе Только время соберет все назад Дышал я светом Он угасал И на краю планеты Засыпал Дышал я светом. Век За миг прошёл Я слишком далеко зашёл
Something like finding yourself in a dark space where irony doesn’t matter any more. Where every shout is an echo of a headline. A Neo-lib spews the unwanted hot breath on the back of your neck, telling you it will all it will all be ok. As long as you squint your eyes to adjust to the too near focal length of it. Flailing like catholic elites, not worth your attention Putting your blinders back on, not worth your attention Vaseline corrective lens, not worth your...
no memory of yesterday’s dreams when no one was even alive fatigued as they wait in this barren mindscape in time we asphyxiate inhaling useless substance hands claw open, hands claw open your eyes hang our children and prey over-shrouded in secrecy unbridled, natural display giving life to the deity unanswered cries all is destroyed, consumed by the needs silent distant echo screams of power set free just like the fading sun slowly does it drip all through erosion feeds the pulse all we never see
The brave march marches boldly, Under whips and chains In step, neatly, right and left, For a good cause (stand up)! From strikes on their backs, Blood flows in streams, We don't want to be like dogs, Let the country be proud of us. We march on without ease On battered knees, Step by step, left and right Step by step, left and right Step by step! We're woke up for (the) day ahead, We're looking for the light All with us are straight and narrow Raising (our) at the same time What is light, we don't know But we go on, we don't back down, We know one thing for sure We're marching, left and right.
Why do I Allow myself to do this Your friendly touch Was a cancer Is it my fault To think you cared When I should have seen Your shit filled heart your vile glare I swallowed hurt From your spoon fed filth You’ll never be forgiven I’ll never be well Is it my fault To think you cared When I should have seen Your shit filled heart your vile glare You’re dead to me I’m mentally collapsed
Just before 9:00 a.m., trying to find some humour in at all Making sausage to celebrate becoming vegetarian last fall And we all have days like this where the world's a total mess I just want to live in a place where no one ignores me Just before half past noon And I'm hurting my own feelings Trying to win imaginary arguments with you And now, my head's just spinning But we all do this sometimes We believe our own lies I just want to live in a mind that doesn't attack me Familiar ghosts, they breeze right through As they blow, the flower shrivels to the root You've gotta be perennial to make it through Just before I forget Or if it's something I haven't said Never listen to a government that would have you hate your fellow man We're keeping them in cages We treat them like they're still slaves I just want to live in a land where everyone's equal And we don't get there through inaction or excuse We arrive through the actions of me and you We are seed. We are root. It's darkest before the dawn but we know that day will come Every time they kill a revolutionary another's born We've been having this conversation For generations I just want to be a part of the change that I want to see Cause God is a million people doing what is right It sounds like a million voices raising to the fight The reason they cannot kill us is because darkness can never kill light Only become it. We are light.


Death, displacement, destruction. The war in Ukraine is an atrocity. In this moment, Ukrainian voices need to be heard and Americans need to stand in solidarity. Most of all, we need to work to overcome Russia’s invasion and aid the victims of this unprovoked war.

All proceeds from this compilation of Ukrainian and American punk, post-punk, hardcore, folk, and metal bands go to Razom (Together in Ukrainian), a New York-based 501c3 non-profit providing aid across Ukraine. For more information: razomforukraine.org/razom-emergency-response/































released March 22, 2022

Organized by Janis Chakars and Derik Moore
Cover by Vilnis Chakars
Mastered by Steve Roche at www.permanenthearingdamage.com


all rights reserved



Band Together: A Benefit for Ukraine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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